Houndstooth Dress

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Houndstooth Dress by Studio Boutique

Combining elegance with a sexy look.

Keystone dress in black and white, which promises to be the hottest theme of this season. 
Made of soft and warm material. It is timeless and very versatile. It will perform well in urban style combined with black tights or leggings and styling glamor to the pins and clutches. Excellent fit and finish. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

The perfect dress for a fashion which follows the women.

S / M 
bust width: 2 x 41 cm 
width at the hips: 2 x 52 cm 
Total length: 83 cm 
Sleeve Length: 39 cm

L / XL 
bust width: 2 x 48 cm 
width at the hips: 2 x 56 cm 
Total length: 86 cm 
Sleeve Length: 39 cm

Tolerance of + / - 2 

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- Για επιστροφή χρημάτων στο κατάστημα μας επιβαρύνεται ο πελάτης μόνο €2.

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